Bandung Short Film Festival


We are the media for you to tell the secret stories; things too taboo, too real, too bold, or too honest.

Because we know, If we keep these stories unfold, they will end up as secrets, forever untold.


Next Events

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Scriptwriting Masterclass

Date: 4-5 October | Venue: Salse Bandung

Part of the script contest, 15 best story ideas will be invited to join Scriptwriting Masterclass with Serunya! Scriptwriting Academy to then sharpen their skill to convert their ideas into a script.


Short Film Competition Screening

Date: 4-6 October | Venue: Amphitheater Salse

Non Competition – Short Film Screening

Date: 4-6 October | Venue: Amphitheater Salse

Script Camp; Script For The Master

Date: 5 October | Venue: Salse Bandung

Melihat Yang Jauh, Menggali Yang Dekat

Date: 5 October | Venue: Salse Bandung

Pendek Durasi, Panjang Prestasi

Date: 6 October | Venue: Salse Bandung

Meet The Master

Date: 6 October | Venue: Amphitheater Salse

From secret corners, to the world.


We have handpicked the most suitable films as the referential cornerstone for Bandung Short Submissions;


Through films, we aim spotlight to dark corners, or give a stage to the overlooked.


From little romance to simple fantasy, from science fiction to urban legends, from comedy to ghost stories, from underground communities to bizarre professions, we give a chance for any Bandung's unexposed themes to reach international market.


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